Go To A Live Show (Day 14 From My Book)

NOW THAT YOU’VE done an open mic, written for an hour and come up with some jokes you are starting to make progress as a comedian. It’s awesome that you have done all these things but be aware that these are activities you should be doing everyday in some form. Although a day may not be specifically designed for one of those activities you should be writing and getting on stage as much as possible. This is ultimately the best way to get good at stand-up comedy. Stand-up comedy is a lot of work and requires that you do many different things well. With some of these daily tasks, I understand that depending on where you live and how often comedy is performed you may not always be able to do these activities on the precise day. Just make sure that you do them all in 31 days and try your best to stick to the order if possible.

For Day 14 I want you to go to a live show. One trap new comedians get into is they do too many open mics and forget to watch live shows. Watching and supporting shows has a multitude of positive things that can happen which I will elaborate on in future pages. Basically if you want to improve as a comedian you have to come at it from all angles. You have to write all the time, edit your jokes, try new stuff while keeping your old stuff tight, network with other comics, learn from your mistakes, take risks and watch people that are better than you. This means watching professional comedians and learning from them.

Stand-up comedy is a marathon not a sprint. Often when you watch these professional comedians they will be a lot better than you. They are so good that they make it seem effortless and easy. Realize that this is the result of years of hard work and practice. Right now you should focus on developing a solid work ethic.

This is not an easy profession and progress will be slow. Make sure that you are doing something every day. Watching a show may not feel like it’s helping you as a performer but believe me it does. Plus after going to the open mic this should be a breath of fresh air. Treat the performance like a lesson but it’s okay to enjoy yourself too. If you didn’t like watching comedy you probably wouldn’t be here.

Day 14: Watch a live show

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